Monday, June 24

Material height measurement sensor

I added a puck-style probing sensor in order to quickly find the top of the raw material I’m milling.  I wanted a sensor that would work on both conductive and non-conductive material and wouldn’t require to remove the current tool and install my 3 axis probing tool.

I quickly turned a 2″ puck 626 mils thick and milled a flat on the side to attach a wire.  I also designed a 3D printed holder to store the puck when not in used.  I configured the input wired to the puck to be Probe 3 in Mach4.

So now, when I want to probe any material height, I put the puck on the top of the material and execute a G91 G31.2 Z-2.0 F15 and when the probing is done, I can set the Z position to 0.626″

I’m planning to add a custom macro in the future and get Fusion 360 to generate it at the beginning of each file


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