CNC Milling Machine


Latest video - Z axis assembled

CNC Milling Machine

This is a CNC milling machine that I designed and built in 2017.  After looking at available designs on the net (OpenBuilds, ebay etc) I decided to design my own machine.  This will be a good test for a project that cover mechanics, electronics & software.  My goal is to keep everything simple (I have to be able to build it myself) and keep the costs down (but put money where it counts!).

I will add more details on this page as I progress, for now you can check my blog about the conception / build of the machine 

Specifications :

Workarea : 1145mm x 730mm x 175mm

Overall size : 1550mm x 1085mm x 480mm

Weight : approx 400 lbs w/ aluminium bed (estimated)

Rails : 20mm linear rails for X/Y axis, 16mm round linear rail for Z axis

Screws : RM1605 screw + anti-backlash nuts on all axis

Motors : NEMA23 425oz/in

Resolution : 0.00012"/step (Micro-Stepping), 0.000984" / physical step

Repeatability : TBD

Costs so far... (CAD$)

Rails   1015

Extrusion 500

4 x Nema23 425oz/in + Drives + Power supplies (36V)

SmoothStepper ESS 288

Mach4 235

T-Nutz  100

Screws 150

Tools : 200 (saw blade, bits, taps etc)

ER20 14 pcs imperial collet set 41.000

2.2Kw Water-cooled spindle + Variable Frequency Drive (220V) 462.00