Sunday, May 19

New Power Panel for CNC mill/table machine

New Power Panel

It’s been a while since my last post here. I’ve been quite busy added a new workshop to have a nice plice for all my toys…

I finally moved my CNC mill/table from my basement to my new workshop. I made a steel base, which I’ll cover in another post to replace the wobbly wood base I used in the basement.

I also re-wired most of the circuits :

  • Added contactors to control power to the computer, control boards, motors drives and spindle
  • Added a hard-wired emergency button to physically cut the power to motors / spindle. The temporary emergency was software only which wasn’t that great from a safety point of view
  • Added an software controlled relay to turn the spindle cooling pump on/off
  • Added a flow sensor on spindle cooling line to ensure proper coolant flow
  • Added coolant temperature sensor.
  • Still need to design something to read the flow sensor + temperature and send over USB to the computer for display and also provide an input to Mach4 to allow stopping in case of flow failure / high temprature (upcoming project)
  • Included neutral in the 220V supply in order to run 110V (computer, pump, 5V/12V logic supplies) on the same power cord
  • Added 110V out for the computer
  • Made a 3d printed resin box for the switches / emergency

I still need to add a protective cover to prevent shocks

New Power / Emergency button box

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