Monday, July 22

CNC Mill – Update / V2

What a week…

I started to place the order for the extrusions at and found out the shipping cost to Canada would be 218$usd  + customs.  I then found a local supplier in Montreal and called for 3 days in order to get a quote.  I finally gave up on this supplier and looked at imperial extrusions instead, which are way easier to find in north-america.  I found a distribute for 8020 inc in Ontario and then decided to change the current design to use imperial extrusions.

While modifying the original design, I also spent some time trying to identify possible ways to make the design / construction easier.  I then decided to change the bottom frame of the machine for one that would be easier and cheaper to construct.

Specifications :

  • 7″ Z clearance below the beam
  • 750mm x 1150mm work area
  • Spindle extend 5.5″ outside the front of the frame in order to be able to work on vertical pieces
  • Minimized / Simplified aluminum plates
  • Working table cover tracks / lead screws
  • There will be enough space in the back of machine (where the spindle can’t reach) to actually put all the electronics on-board (except VFD drive)
  • Fixed position limit switches with moving skids on the axis (Min, Max, Home)
  • Working table made of 10mm aluminium, holes on every 4″


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