Monday, March 4

CNC Mill – Update

I worked on the design of the machine this week.  I will probably replace the mechanical limit switches with optical sensor from digikey – I feel they will be more precise and reliable

I received some shipments over the week for the CNC Mill project

From :

Received t-nuts for the Series 15 extrusion along with double inside corner angles.  I planned to saw / drill the corner angles from strock aluminium angle but at the price tnutz sell them…

From :

Received a 65lbs worth of extrusions!  Quite happy about the quality of their product.  I was worried about the X axis not being rigid enough but now that I received the 3×3 extrusion, lets just say I don’t think this is going to be an issue

  • Linear rails / leadscrews shipped from China on the 23rd
  • Placed the order for an ESS SmoothStepper thru (Canadian distributor for
  • 4 x Nema23 Motors, Drives, Power Supplies and BoB shipped from China on Feb 21st
  • Placed another order at for Series 10 t-nuts.  I was hoping to be able to use the metrics t-nuts I have but they are too small

As for tonight, I’m starting to generate the details drawings for the aluminium plates I will need to manually process



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