Sunday, May 19

Printing parts for CNC Milling

Progress update

Over the last few days, I added all missing screws, normalized screws lengths and started to build my orders for material.  I’m going to start with the rails / extrusions in order to build the frame.


Printing the plates using my 3D Printer

I’ve finally decided to print all parts that can fit on my 3D printer.


  • Faster than manually cutting / drilling the parts
  • Allows for inexpensive test-fit / changes
  • Allows to use the machine itself to machine the parts using aluminium


  • Not sure about the rigidity of the printed parts : will the machine be stiff enough to machine its own aluminum parts ?
  • Will require complete disassembly / reassembly to replace the parts


Here’s a teaser of some motor mounts, limit switch holder / bumper being printed.  I will post the video when finished



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