Sunday, May 19

Limit and homing switches

In order to use my newly added tool touch pad, I needed to be able to move the machine to a known (absolute) physical position.  So it was time to finish my half-wired limit / homing switches system.

I did a bit of cleanup in the schematic and added a quick and dirty ‘breakout’ board for the SmoothStepper Port 3.  This also allowed me to regroup all limit / homing / probing inputs on the same port

I used cheap 6 pins / 4 pins round connector to make it easy to disconnect the wiring (I’ll move the machine in my upcoming workshop this summer).  I actually used the machine itself to machine the connector openings in the board (non-circular holes)


The ‘switches’ are actually optical barriers.  I decided to use optical switches due to easier installation, better repeatability and no wear (in my opinion!).  I designed and printed a small casing to hold the sensor in place and bolt them on the extrusions.  


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