Saturday, April 13

Wiring and first motion

It’s been a few days since my last post.  I made a lot of progress on the construction of the milling machine.

Design and printing of various brackets and panels



I used T-Nuts + M5 screws to assemble the drives on the machine frame.  I also installed a wires guide to keep everything tidy.   I’m not sure how it going to hold up in regard to vibrations but I’ll wait until the machine is up and running before making my mind.  I’m trying to keep the electronics embedded in the machine as much as possible.


I then assembled and wired the power panel.  I wanted to have separate switches for the the control / power sections.

I then proceeded to mount the 2 36V power supplies which I wired to their respective drives X/Z and Y/A. I wired the 2 Y motors on the same power supply to avoid potential damage from one motor working while the other is not due to a failed power supply.


I then installed the demo of Mach4 and ESS plugin and proceeded to configuring and testing

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