Monday, June 24

Site is now running on an Azure Linux VM

I’m happy to report that I’m mostly done migrating my site from Shared GoDaddy to a dedicated VM on Azure!

Knowing that I would need a 2nd site for my personal business (more on this soon), I spent the last few weeks reviewing hosting options for either shared or dedicated hosting.  I read a lot of review and finally made the jump to an azure VM.


Price-wise, for about the same amount I get a dedicated VM that I can do whatever I want with (multi site wordpress, services etc)


  • Low cost (24 CAD$ / month Pay-As-You-Go or 9.95 CAD$ / month for 3 years)
  • More consistent performance
  • Can easily scale up / down resources (CPU + RAM) as needed
  • Access to the full cloud infrastructure as needed (backups, virtual network, other VM, storage, tiered storage etc)
  • MUCH faster than my old hosting (GoDaddy)
  • Full admin of a Linux server


  • I have to manage the machine!
  • … wordpress upgrades, backups, Linux security patches etc 


  • B1ms Linux VM
  • Ubuntu 17.10
  • 1 core (@ 2.3Ghz)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 30GB main drive (SSD)
  • 7GB temp SSD (swap file)


I decided to go from scratch on this one : I want to learn Linux as much as possible.   I actually created an Hyper-V VM machine at home that I can use for staging / test purposes.  I found tons of good tutorials for each step required (apache install / configuration, MySql, WordPress, SSL configuration, rewrite rules etc).

I then went ahead and created the VM in Azure and configured it to run WordPress.  I then changed my DNS entries to point to the new machine (static IP in Azure)


I’m quite happy with the speed and performance of the VM, especially considering that I used the smallest VM available on Azure.  If I need more performance in the future, I can easily resize the VM, sky is the limit (along the budget!)



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