Sunday, May 19

Wooden coaster

I experimented inlaying different woods to produce attractive design.  I decided to make a coaster so I could use it afterward.  

I used my upcoming company logo as the basis of the design and decided on a 4″ coaster diameter, plain round for now.   I used a 60 degrees v-bit, 16K RPM, 65IPM feedrate (could have gone faster but I went with safe values).  I then glued the two parts together, making sure there was glue in every corner to prevent lift-up / delamination later, used regulard yellow wood glue.  I then clamped overnight to allow to dry.  Next morning, I used my bandsaw to remove the backing of the inlay and then sanded everything smooth using 180, 320 and 400 grit.  I than applied 6 coats of glossy varnish, sanding with 600 grit in between coats, allowing 2 hours to dry between each coat.

I then milled a 3 3/4″ circle in a 3/16″ thick cork for the base and glued it to the bottom

I’m pretty happy with the result and intend to use this technique on a larger scale in future projects  

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